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Latest Releases

SP how to work EP

life is suffering. life is short. walk a good path. fight for compassion, but don't just fight. don't stay down, get up. don't be afraid to ask someone fronting to get off, but for goodness sake unite and get real.


"It was a sick twist of her nature that brought her to the noise. An indictment of our species, it took little effort to arrange a proxy. Regardless of the veneer, some doors are rotten to the core. She is the four." -the phlegmatic siren


"No matter what strength to bear we may possess, exhaustion is a brute force, and it is not afraid to push you through the wrong door. She is the four" - the choleric siren


A number, a noise, or the occasional spark of humanity linking us to our brothers and sisters in solidarity or torture, whether overt or complacent...Some doors you open, some are slammed in your face, others you are pushed through. Which do you choose? Welcome to the four.

The entire discography is available for free at our bandcamp. We will never intentionally be on any douchebag digital aggregators. Feel free to go grab it for free as any activity does help other bandcamp users to find us.



The entire discography is available for free or donation at our bandcamp. We will never intentionally be on any douchebag digital aggregators. Feel free to go grab it for free as any activity does help other bandcamp users to find us and you might maximise your impact by donating directly.

C2 Phlegmatic EP -- JULY 2016 -- digital

#soundtrack #dichotomy #horror #noise

C2 CHOLERIC EP -- OCTOBER 2015 -- digital

#powernoise #industrial #dirtyhouse #industrialdance #militant

TETRAPHOBIA -- OCTOBER 2015 -- digital single

#powernoise #industrial #dirtyhouse #industrialdance #militant

QUADRANTS: the stories of four -- OCTOBER 2013 -- limited physical / digital

Urged to seek short-term physical gratification as pain relief, stuck in cycles of pain, we replicate pain as pain relief. We all have our sirens.
#industrial #ebm #powernoise #soundtrack #horror #noise

C2 SANGUINE EP -- SEPTEMBER 2013 -- digital

#industrialdance #beats #female #gothhouse

C2 MELANCHOLIC EP -- SEPTEMBER 2013 -- digital

#noise #soundscape #horror

CUBED -- 2004 -- digital / PHYSICAL (oop)

#powernoise #industrial #ebm #drumnbass #hardhouse #idm

CROWD CONTROL -- 2002 -- single ep / LIMITED PHYSICAL (oop)

#powernoise #industrial #ebm #harsh #noise

SECOND WAVE -- 2000 -- digital / LIMITED PHYSICAL (oop)

#powernoise #industrial #ebm #harsh #noise

INITIAL CONTROL -- 1999 -- digital / LIMITED PHYSICAL (oop)

#experimental #industrial #soundtrack #noise



#synth #ebm #industrial #house #goth-hop #electro

RADIATE -- 2002 -- digital / PHYSICAL

#synth #ebm #industrial #electro

MANIPULATE -- 2001 -- digital / PHYSICAL

#synth #ebm #industrial #electro


HOW TO WORK -- 2018 -- digital

#house #techhouse #electro #dance #unite

REVIVE THE TRIBE -- 2017 -- digital

#house #techhouse #electro #dance #unite


control.org 'reciprocate' 2016
album: Electronic Saviors 4
label: distortion productions / metropolis

C2 'four on the floor' 2015
album: S.I.N.G.E.D. volume 2
label: blatantpropaganda.org

C2 'affirmative negative infinite' 2015
album: Endzeit bunkertracks [act 7]
label: Alfa Matrix

C2 'RLFv3' 2014
album: Electronic Saviors 3
label: Distorton Productions / Metropolis

C2 'scream in the mirror' 2013
album: NAR Sampler Vol 2
label: New Alternative Radio

control.org 'thought control' 2011
album: GCS 1
label: COMA Music Magazine

control.org 'sacrifice' 2003
album: State of Synthpop 2003
label: A Different Drum

C2 'warning' 2002
album: Kappa
label: MHz

C2 'connect [subsnow mix]' 2002
album: Kappa
label: Ad Noiseam


crash-scan 'ohm' 2015
remixer: C2
album: infinite loop

acclimate v1.0 'werk #9' 2014
remixer: C2
album: nothing to mend (remixes)
label: samboy get help

rein[forced] 'amplified' 2013
remixer: C2
album: pre-existing conditions
label: wtii

pneumatic detach 'necropolis' 2012
remixer: C2
album: irreversible

lexincrypt 'unfaithful' 2011
remixer: C2
album: scar tissue (the remixes)

diverje 'suffer this world' 2011
remixer: control.org/c2
album: Surge & Subside
label: Aphotic Audio

diverje 'suffer this world' 2010
remixer: control.org/c2
album: evil never dies
label: dsbp

T-FAKTOR 'beneath' 2009
remixer: C2
album: bricks and thunder
label: force of nature

T-FAKTOR 'derailer' 2009
remixer: C2
album: bricks and thunder
label: force of nature

Perfection Plastic 'control' 2009
remixer: C2
album: L'Echec de la Matiere
label: force of nature

pneumatic detach 'dischordant' 2005
remixer: C2
album: vis cer a
label: hive records

symbiont 'aggro culture' 2004
remixer: control.org
album: KDVS fundraiser

boundless 'predatory' 2004
remixer: C2
album: 'geist'
label: backscatter

symbiont 'aggro culture' 2003
remixer: control.org
album: 'broken silence'
label: backscatter

pneumatic detach 'untitled' 2003
remixer: C2
album: 'paresis re:infected'
label: hive records

diverje 'reject' 2002
remixer: C2
album: '2:40am'
label: dsbp records

diverje 'stimulate' 2001
remixer: control.org vs C2
album: 'too much information' comp
label: unmediated productions

forced 'nowhere to hide' 2001
remixer: control.org and C2
album: 'cherophobia'
label: dsbp records

urania 'first swirling' 2000
remixer: control.org
album: 'u-tek'
label: DAM CD

uniglory 'good feeling' 1998
remixer: control.org
album: 'good feeling'
label: blacklight records


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