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you must be this OMG KICK ASS YUSS FUCK YEAH to pass…

If you don’t know Aesthetische or Mari Kattman for the love of pete sort that out! As usual, clinical and fucking deadly. I will argue robustly this is sonically more aggressive than any of the laptop fashion hellectro garble garble masachistic clown acts and it has angelic vocals. Come at me.

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something is wrong…

I legit have not played a guitar in at least 28 years. Until, the other day I picked up the acoustic that has sat in the lounge for a few years for decoration? and just started clunkily chunking out 80s alt jams. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate strings, and all this acoustic stringed noise is making me a might uncomfy. Stock up on ass wipe and tinned beans, the end is in fact nigh!

To counter these horrible string sounds, C2 PENTALOGY is mapping out quite awsome but I cannot share yet and I’ll post seperate about my semi-annual musical identity crisis. (too many “synths” for C2, too much violence for org, what’s a brother to do?)

back stories: retribution

ah the angst and confrontation of unrequited love or the raw pain of having been stabbed in the back…well not really. As it turns out, while partying like it was 1999, because it literally was, I had a hell of a time with a sink disposal at my flat. It was spitting shit up everywhere and making an unholy racket and evaded repair thrice! So there was little left to do but to firstly sample that bitch for some C2 live sets, and B. write retribution.

retribution appears on the album manipulate originally released as a real life physical compact disc in 2001 by DSBP

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the bell tolls for thee

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a Mandy Moore fan and I ain’t even mad she wasted 7 years with some hipster, but that is over and hopefully I got a shot, if not, when I grow up I’m definitely marrying one of the Minogue sisters. My point is, Signals – Grace Under Pressure – Power Windows – Hold Your Fire have always been my holy quartet and I’ve never cared what anyone says. I was brought up in the 70s drumming to Rush and I still love it to this day, and still drum along like a kid. But that specific chunk in the 80s especially lit me up as an artist and an activist. I didn’t give a second thought in swapping Hold Your Fire and Nitzer Ebb That Total Age cassettes in and out of my deck cause fuck yeah! I ain’t even mad they waited 30 years to perform “Losing It” live cause damn check out the violin solos on some of the 2015 footage! There are a few songs in my library I often skip else I end up a sobbing mess and that was one, but recently I’ve been owning it. I get it, also your violin must kick this much ass to proceed. I miss my dad something fierce, he always supported any strange and wonderful genre I wanted to dip my toe in. He’d always find a way to not minimise me if I heard something interesting even in the most mundane or even some of the most challenging listens. He hustled to get the inquistive kid still in intermediate school a pro synth and never ever yelled at me for rewiring shit or drumming at the dinner table. Hell if I could get him on the phone he’d prolly say that Mandy is looking damn fine and not give me any shit at all for blasting her masterpiece So Real in the car in 2016.

Stay vertical out there…

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The fourth and final EP in the QUADRANTS series. PHLEGMATIC EP is the last dive into the AM radio nightmare of the everyman haunted by four dead sirens.

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unleashed July 2016