my dudes, please remember, this Facebook thing isn’t an incident nor a scandal, it IS the modus operandi of corporate social media. Next step, please ditch the Google evreything while you are ditching FB.¬† (search, gmail, dropbox, instagram, whatsapp, also telegram as they are currently giving server keys to govts to enjoy your messages). Stop being the product. Still dont have a video alternative as youtube and vimeo are both heinous. Watching peertube with interest…

Facebook has suspended the account of the whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica

Don Quichote rides again…

As noted in the manifesto, this is a resource that primarily lives outside of the status based social web and does a damn fine job of informing listeners of new releases that are available for free or cc license but also very lovingly lists all proper direct band contacts and ways to donate if available. Touché! This is a prime example of outside the generel social media web (FB at least), sometimes touching the social web but transiting really high quality interested parties who not only stream C2 in particular but have a really good hit rate to also check out our wider catalogue and even donate.

Cheers to the person or persons behind this repository. Sure it is on a corporate blog platform, but it is much more open than the gatekept facebook feed, and in terms of presentation is open and honest about all the linking and share buttons in use as far as privacy is concerned. If moderately savvy, you don’t need to let any of them pwn your browser or life, just enjoy a very well curated list of dark music available for free or donation. Bonus, you can brush up on your German.

sehr gut!