Saturday 27 October 2018 7pm
New Athenaeum Theatre Dunedin [ tickets ]

Kick off your Halloween early with an evening of dystopian aggression as an industrial dance party crashes violently into an immersive theatre, multimedia, music and dance performance experience.

Deep South dark electronics act C2 will present their new project PENTALOGY with guest vocalist Adam Colegrove (Psychodrama Akl) and featuring the captivating industrial dark fusion of Red Mars Dance Project.

Bar opens and exhibits by Fleur Kelsey, Twisted Shadows, and more from 7pm. The sonic resistance will follow. The first act will debut the new work PENTALOGY. The second act will feature work primarily from the QUADRANTS project. This will be the biggest C2 production ever and will not to be repeated. $10 advance $15 on the door. R15 ish, however, in our works there may be visual referenced themes of violence, horror and gore real and implied so sensible maturity or guidance will be assumed.


early access has been delivered to supporters. cheers. the album will go free or donation on Halloween.

disk1 liberal pluralist

the illusion of individual voice
addicted to the paradox of choice
complacent in the greed divide
grind grind grind, slave to the blind

disk2 duopolist incestuous

hate hate hate by design
slave vs slave wasting time
wake wake wake and defect
direct the hate at the architect

disk3 triple threat

unholy trinity as a triple threat
race to accumulate impossible debt
invert the pyramid least has the most
the whore and the pimp and the truth as a ghost

disk4 fourth estate medicate

fourth estate medicate
obfuscate and suffocate

disk5 the fifth column

manufactured for the business of hate